Our Mission

Every great story starts with 3 things. An ordinary world, a question and an answer. Our question was ‘how can we make a difference?’ and the answer was Roc bottle. At Roc, we’re on a mission to make a difference, offering hydration with purpose and giving back with every sip.

Globally, we now cycle through a million plastic bottles a minute, only about 9% of which is recycled. Single-use bottles are harmful to the environment, and we can do better.

More Than Just A Bottle

We’re passionate about community and are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to our charity partners. We’re a mission-driven organisation that is helping people to make more mindful decisions and reduce the perils of plastic pollution. In our world, it’s important to give back and pay it forward because these small gestures can create a massive difference.


One Bottle, One Massive Difference

Our bodies and our planet are both around 70% water and we know for the benefit of our environment and our health, actions and choices matter.

We’re working in partnership with organisations across the country to help them make a choice for change through our range of reusable bottles.