Why Roc Bottle?

We work with businesses and corporations to help reduce the use of single use plastics while also creating a unique branding opportunity. With Roc Bottle, you can give something of real value to your staff and that they can use again and again and... again, helping them stay healthy and doing some good in the world too. Tap into the Roc Bottle experience and showcase your brand front and centre.

  • Reduce the usage of single use plastics & hot drink cups
  • Reduce the costs associated with purchasing and storing disposable plastics
  • Reduce waste management costs and help your business’s bottom line
  • Demonstrate your commitment as an organisation tackling the issue of single use plastics and reducing their carbon footprint, one Roc Bottle at a time
  • Increase your visibility and showcase your bespoke branding
  • On the clock or off, staff become brand ambassadors for your organisation by using your branded Roc Bottle
  • Reward your staff with the perk of a premium product
  • Allow your staff to feel they are part of something and create a corporate culture that cares about them and the planet
  • Be recognised as an environmentally- friendly business
  • Create a happier, healthier workforce and encourage staff to stay hydrated - improving productivity and concentration levels
  • Become a Roc Bottle ambassador and demonstrate your commitment to reducing single-use plastics with our Roc Bottle Badge

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