5 Ways Roc Bottle Is Making a Difference

It’s no secret that plastic pollution is having a negative impact on our oceans, clogging our waterways and affecting precious wildlife. That’s why at Roc Bottle, we set out with the ambition to make a choice for change and wage a war on single-use plastics with our innovative range of reusable bottles. Here are five ways Roc Bottle is making a difference, offering hydration with purpose and giving back with every sip. 

Small gestures make a huge difference

Roc Bottle is passionate about community and we are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to our charity partners. We’re a community-driven organisation that is helping people to make more mindful decisions and reduce the perils of plastic pollution, all whilst giving back. In our world, it’s important to pay it forward because these small gestures can make a huge difference.

A million plastic bottles a minute

Sadly, over a million plastic bottles are being added to landfills around the world, per minute and it is currently estimated that plastic is set to outweigh all fish in the ocean by 2050. Just think about that. By reusing your Roc Bottle, you’re helping to alleviate the burden inflicted on Mother Earth and doing your part to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.

Saving money and our planet

The average person in the UK will spend £25,000 on bottled water. According to Thames Water, 2L of tap water costs less than 0.2p, in comparison to branded bottled water which currently costs 84p. Using these figures, the cost of bottled water is over 420 times tap water. By ditching bottled water and switching to Roc Bottle, this would represent a saving of £17,500, over 25 years. This means that not only would you be reducing your impact on the planet but you would also be saving a pretty penny. Everyone is a winner.

A healthier choice for hydration

If you’re doing your best to stay healthy and hydrated, we applaud you! Whether you’re glugging H2o at the gym or drinking it at your desk, Roc Bottle comes in a range of sizes from 330ml to 1L so that you can measure and monitor your water intake. Roc Bottle is made from BPA free, 18/8 food grade stainless steel, with a premium triple vacuum which allows your drinks stay hot for 12 hours and keep cool for 24 hours.
Knowing the size of your bottle, you can track the number of times you refill throughout the day and keep track of the amount of water you have consumed. Say goodbye to single-use plastics!

Send a message and join the movement

At Roc Bottle, our message is loud and clear. We’re on a mission to make a difference by reducing the harmful impact of single use plastics on our planet. We’re working with consumers, schools and corporates across the country to help demonstrate a commitment to change, one Roc Bottle at a time.

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